Vol 56, No 1&2 (2019)

Table of Contents

Festschrift for Raul V. Fabella
Sarah Lynne S. Daway-Ducanes, Emmanuel S. de Dios vi-vii


Some reflections on the state of development economics in Asia
Hal C. Hill, Sisira Jayasuriya 1-15
The monkey in the mirror and other tales of central bank forward guidance
Eli M. Remolona 16-27
A BSP closer to the people: spreading the benefits of monetary and financial stability
Benjamin E. Diokno 28-41
Digit ratio and prosocial behavior: the role of innate aggression in public goods and trust games
Jahm Mae E. Guinto, Charlotte May DC. Amante, Franz Nicole L. Carlos, Arlene B. Daro, Mariella Jasmin P. Marasigan, Joseph J. Capuno 42-72
A note on cooperative hunting (Holmstrom and Fabella meet the Dumagat of Tanay)
Orville C. Solon 73-79
The case against the case for land reform: transaction costs and misplaced exogeneity
Karl L. Jandoc, James A. Roumasset 80-126
Toward a fairer society: inequality and competition policy in developing Asia
Arsenio M. Balisacan 127-146
Sovereign determination or disguised protectionism?: the Vitamin C Case
Ma. Joy V. Abrenica 147-172
Recent trends in the gender gap in the labor market in the Philippines
Mitzie Irene P. Conchada, Dominique Hannah A. Sy, Marites M. Tiongco, Alfredo R. Paloyo 173-186
Automation, gigs, and other labor market tales: the Philippines in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Emmanuel F. Esguerra 187-218
Revisiting the aid-growth nexus in light of the Sachs-Easterly debate
Sarah Lynne S. Daway-Ducanes, Irene Jo E. Arzadon 219-235
Public debt and the threat of secession
Rhea M. Molato-Gayeres 236-256
What the new institutional economics owes Marx
Emmanuel S. de Dios 257-278