Coping and recovery strategies of MSMEs in the Laguna one year after COVID19

Emmanuel Genesis Andal, Amelia Bello, Ma. Angeles Catelo


This paper investigates the coping strategies employed by sample micro, small, or medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Laguna using the SME Competitiveness Grid framework developed by the International Trade Centre (ITC). The paper finds that sample MSMEs in Laguna did not find it easy to access MSME assistance programs, and that many are not even aware that such assistance programs exist. However, most MSMEs were found to be flexible and innovative when it comes to their coping strategies; the most common are through using online platforms and customizing or making new products. The paper also finds that assistance on reduction of fixed and operating costs, improvements in credit access, and greater ease in doing business are the most desired forms of government intervention, consistent with the findings of earlier surveys. 

JEL classification: I15; I18; O17


COVID-19, MSME, Laguna

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