Submission Guidelines


The Philippine Review of Economics welcomes submissions of articles, theoretical or empirical, on economics and economic development. Papers on the Philippines as well as other developing economies are encouraged. Book reviews are also welcome.

Manuscripts must be written in English and should be submitted in electronic form. Soft copies may be e-mailed to:

Submission of a manuscript is free of charge. No processing or handling fee will be collected from the author.

Submission of a manuscript shall be understood by the PRE as indicating that the manuscript is not under consideration for publication in other journals or publications.


Depending on the nature and content of the manuscript, the Editor will ask appropriate members of the Editorial Board to review or recommend two or more reviewers of the manuscript.

Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, the Editor will make the final decision on acceptance, rejection or revision of the manuscript.


1. Manuscripts must be typed 1.5 spaced on one side of short (8.5 x 11) size. The entire manuscript should be around 40 pages. (Text in MS Word, graphs and tables in MS Excel format)

2. The front page of the manuscript should have all of the following:

  • title of the paper, 
  • names, affiliations, email address
  • abstract (no more than 150 words) 
  • at least one Journal of Economic Literature classification code. JEL codes may be found here:
  • a list of 3-4 key words.

3. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively in the text.

4. Section headings should be numbered in Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.). Sub-headings should follow the double numeration system (1.1, 1.2, etc.) while sub-sub-headings follow the triple numeration system (1.1.1, 1.1.2, etc.). All headings are to be left-aligned and in bold. All other text must have no special formatting/style, except for emphasis.

5. Illustrations, figures and tables should be numbered in Arabic numerals, accompanied by titles and sources, and supplied on separate sheets at the end of the manuscript. Presentation of data in tables is preferred. Diagrams and graphs should be clear and understandable in black and white.

6. Mathematical notations and equations should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. All equations elements must be defined in the text.

7. References to publications in text should follow: “According to Danao [2001] …” or “(e.g., Danao [2001], Bautista [2002]).” or “(Danao [2001]; Bautista [2002]).” A list of references is to be provided at the end of the text. Examples:

Agoncillo, T. [1990] History of the Filipino people. Eighth edition. Quezon City: Garotech Publishing.
Alonzo, R. [2002] “The economic freedom index: a review”, Philippine Review of Economics 39(1):72-102.
Krugman, P.[1999] “Was it all in Ohlin?”, Accessed 9 October 2002
House of Representatives (HR) [1966a] Constitutional convention record, v. 5, Manila: Republic of the Philippines.
Isay, R. [1935] “Mining law” in Encyclopedia of the social sciences 10: 513-517.