Vol 40, No 1 (2003)

Table of Contents


Understanding competition policy: a suggested framework PDF
Erlinda M. Medalla 1-26
Concentration and market power in the Philippine manufacturing industry PDF
Rafaelita M. Aldaba 27-57
The Bangko Sentral’s structural long-term inflation forecasting model for the Philippines PDF
Roberto S. Mariano, Francisco G. Dakila Jr., Racquel A. Claveria 58-72
Trade in banking services and the role of GATS PDF
Ernando S. de Leon, Teodora I. San Pedro 73-94
The Bangko Sentral’s Business Expectations Survey PDF
Antonio B. Cintura, Ludivinia D. Gador 95-108
The comprehensive agrarian reform program and Coase theorem PDF
Raul V. Fabella 109-200